3 Guides for a Safe Drywall Sheetrock Installation

Safe Installation of Your Drywall

When you’re working with drywall, it’s crucial to put your health and safety first. While hanging, sanding, and finishing drywall is far from the most dangerous job in the world, it’s also far from the safest! To help keep you and your crew safe on the job, here’s a brief guide to drywall sheetrock installation safety.

Keep the Worksite Clean

Traditional methods of installing drywall produce large amounts of dust. If you aren’t careful, this dust can get inside your eyes and lungs and cause damage. It can also coat the floor and any tools nearby. Wearing goggles and a mask helps keep dust off and out of your body, but to ensure you don’t accidentally step on a sharp tool, you’ll need to periodically dust off your worksite.

Never Work Alone

The process of installing drywall is hard on the body. One way to reduce repetitive motion strain and other injuries is to always work with a partner. This partner can help you lift heavy drywall, temporarily take over for you if you’re feeling winded, and act as a second eye to watch over your health and safety.

Use the Right Equipment

The final topic we’ll cover in this brief guide to drywall installation safety is the type and quality of your equipment. If you’re a beginner drywaller, you may accidentally make the mistake of using putty knives instead of specialized drywall knives or nails and a hammer instead of a cordless drill and screws. Using the right tools is essential, so take the time to look through your gear and ensure you have the correct kind for the job.

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