Common Sheetrock Installation Mistakes

Drywall Installation Mistakes You’ve Probably Made Before  

This article provided by Cinto Drywall Service of Cary will walk you through the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of sheetrock installation. It will help you avoid the most common mistakes people often make when tackling drywall projects.

Hanging Drywall Vertically: Leave a 1/8-in. Gap

There’s no reason to measure and cut drywall to be an exact fit, this will just end in tears. As you may end up jamming in a piece that is too tight and will end up crumbling at the edges or breaking out a corner. And removing a piece to shave is messy and time-consuming. A loose fit will prevent all these problems. Cut it to leave a 1/8-in. gap at edges, when you are hanging the ceiling, bear in mind that 1/2 in. along the perimeter will be covered by drywall on the walls. And the same can be said with the inside wall corners. So you can safely cut these pieces at 1/4 in. less than the actual measurement, and leave a gap in the corner if it is necessary.

Minimize Joints

Taping drywall can be very time-consuming and tedious enough without having to add extra joints, especially those hard-to-tape butt joints. So plan your job use the longest and largest sheets possible, and do not scrimp on materials, as sheetrock is cheap enough.

If the walls you are planning to sheetrock are between 8 ft. 1 in. and 9 ft. 1 in. tall, consider buying special 54-in.-wide sheets to avoid an extra horizontal joint. You will find 54-in.-wide drywall at most drywall suppliers, or, you can special-order it from home centers and lumberyards. You can also speed up your job by using 12-ft.-long sheets of sheetrock instead of the standard 8-footers. However, hauling 12-ft. sheets can be difficult, and getting them into the house somewhat challenging. For larger jobs, get the sheetrock delivered.

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