Don’t Forget to Schedule a Drywall Repair Service

Drywall Issues That Need Attention ASAP

Drywall installation is the latest trend in residential and commercial construction. Because drywall is an excellent insulator, it greatly reduces energy costs by blocking both convective and conductive heat loss. Although drywall is quite popular and easy to work with, it also comes with a wide range of installation issues that can be repaired by a drywall repair service. Below are 3 of the most common issues that will almost certainly require repair. Let a professional deal with them!

Holes and cracks

Aside from those installed with screws, the most common type of drywall installation is using nails. However, nails can often get stuck in cement or directly into hard materials such as concrete or brick, leaving holes and cracks in the drywall. Fortunately, a professional repair service can be used to repair such holes and cracks in a matter of minutes.

Dented panels

Many drywall panels come with a flexible plastic core that can be dented when the drywall is installed. Fortunately, this repair is easy to perform. Just take a utility knife and remove the dents, then press the dent back into place with your hand. Make sure you wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area to prevent dust from getting into your eyes. This drywall repair will restore the panel to its original shape and keep the drywall from breaking down when you’re installing additional panels over the top of it.

Needle holes

Needles can often get damaged during installation, leaving behind holes in the drywall. Even if this happens, a repair service is still possible in most cases. Just take a block of drywall and use it to plug the hole. Carefully press the drywall into place, ensuring that the edges are flush with the wall. Use a utility knife to cut off any excess drywall around the perimeter of the hole. Once this is done, you can paint the area and call the pros to complete the job.

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