Drywall Contractor Tips on Safely Working With Sheetrock

Tips for Drywall Safety  

Statistically speaking, serious accidents are on the rise with regard to smaller construction companies. There are a few potential culprits we can point the finger at. However, the most likely issue is that safety protocols are being ignored for speed, or not put together too well, to begin with. To make sure that your drywall contractor doesn’t come under these statistics, make sure he has the following:

Protective equipment

Personal protective equipment is an important part of drywall safety. There are a few different areas, for example, wearing safety glasses and a mask, is critical when working with drywall. Protective footwear protects feet should any sheets or chunk fall. Wearing gloves that have PVC dots helps to improve grip. First aid equipment is something that you may not see but should be available.

The proper drywall tools

Whether your contractor is putting in a sheet of drywall or doing a small project, it is important that all tools they are using are of the right quality. A tool breaking or failing while your contractor works may result in serious injury. Examples can range from a drywall jack collapsing while supporting a wall, or a knife breaking off while they are using it.

Proper lifting techniques

There is a certain way your contractor should use when holding drywall, to prevent the chances of injury. A single drywall sheet can be from 55 to 120 pounds, and it is not always easy to determine this upon first glance. So if you watch your contractor, make sure they are practicing the proper lifting techniques while they bend or twist. By the same token, make sure that they don’t hold something up in place for too much time, without the aid of a crew member.

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