Drywall Finishing Tips

Think Finishing Drywall Is Easy?

Cinto Drywall Service of Cary makes drywall finishing look easy. However, this is farther from the truth, as we have years of experience, which is why we wrote this post to explain what the process actually involves. So grab your trowels and hang on to your hardhats.

Once the drywall has been hung, the time has come to finish it. An experienced handy person will be able to tackle a mid-sized room of drywall in less than a day, however, it will take a novice twice as long. You will need drywall or joint tape, sanding mesh, joint compound, drywall knives, and a pole sander.

Finishing drywall involves taping and adding joint compound to the seams that are between the drywall sheets. There are numerous helpful hints and tricks available that will make a drywall finishing project look more professional. This job is quite time-consuming, as to do it properly, it involves a three-coat process, and each coat must be left to dry for at least 24 hours before the next coat can be applied.

When the first coat of joint compound is applied to the drywall seams it needs to be at least should be about six inches wide. So you should use a six-inch knife. The knife will spread the compound if the edges are rounded, this stops it cutting into the drywall. Then, the tape should be placed over this to stop any cracking and to hide the seams. The drywall tape can either be paper or fiberglass mesh. If it is the latter, it should stick on its own and is quite easy to work with.

Fiberglass tape should be used with a strong, quick-drying compound which is made from a powder. Because this can be quite complicated to use, people that are new to finishing should use a pre-mixed joint compound and use drywall paper tape.

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