Drywall Repair Service Costs, Estimate to Patch Drywall Holes

Is It Expensive to Patch Drywall Holes?  

The average cost that a drywall repair service charges to perform repairs is $450-500. This will include patching up holes and getting the surface ready for a finishing coat of paint.

Common problems with drywall that will require attention will include such things as nail holes, hairline cracks, big holes, failed seams and corners, cracked joints, and minor water damage.

Depending on how complex the job is, and the extend of damage you may have to hire a professional contractor or a handyman, which may be cheaper than going the DIY route.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Drywall?

Homeowners have stated that they spent in the region of $270-550 on small to medium size repairs. An extensive repair, where there are numerous large holes starts from $1,200 upwards. The bigger the area that requires repair, the more the overall cost will be.

Bear in mind that different professionals will charge different prices, and the majority of reputable contractors will charge a flat service fee to come and perform a minor repair.

Overall, a small job will take less than 3 hours. The flat service charge is from $150-250, depending on where you live, as labor charges vary greatly from region to region.

Some contractors and handymen will charge by the hour. For a small job, this will often be the cheaper option. On average, a handyman charges from $50-65 an hour, while a licensed contractor charges $75-90 an hour.

To find the best deal, we suggest you contact at least 4 local contractors and get a price for your project. This allows you the opportunity to see which one is on target and which one is not. However, try not to use the cheapest one, as the corners cut will not become known to you until it is too late.

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