Get a Certified Drywall Contractor to Avoid These

Common Drywall Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Drywall installation is a great way to finish off any room of your home, but it also requires precision and attention to detail in order for the job to be done correctly. Unfortunately, mistakes occur all too often due to a lack of experience or improper technique that’s it’s better to hire a drywall contractor. In this article, we’ll go over some common mistakes that can be made during drywall installation and how to avoid them.

Cutting Drywall Too Small

One common issue that can occur when installing drywall is cutting it too small for the area in which it needs to fit. This can lead to gaps between pieces, making the room look unfinished and unprofessional. To ensure that each piece of drywall is cut to the exact measurements, it’s important to measure twice and cut once. Additionally, adding an extra inch or two around each measurement will give you some wiggle room when installing.

Not Taping and Mudding Seams

Another mistake that can be made during drywall installation is not taping and mudding seams. This process is essential in order to ensure that the finished product looks clean and professional. Tape should be placed over all of the joints between pieces of drywall before applying a layer of joint compound. Once the compound has dried, sand it down smoothly and apply additional layers as needed until all seams are completely covered.

Not Securing Drywall to Studs

It’s also important to secure drywall to the studs in order to ensure it is properly supported. If this step is missed, the drywall can sag or come loose over time. Typically, screws should be spaced 12-16 inches apart and driven into the studs until they are flush with the drywall.

Not Leveling Out the Drywall

Lastly, it can be easy to overlook leveling out the drywall when installing. This should be done by using a level or straight edge and ensuring that each piece is flat before securing it in place. If any pieces of drywall are not fully leveled, they could stick out from the wall and create an uneven, unfinished look.

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