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When it comes to home renovation, drywall installation seems simple enough. However, there’s a catch: understanding the costs can become a puzzle if you don’t break down each component. Allow your preferred drywall contractor to simplify the budgeting process by outlining the elements that impact the final price tag. Keep reading!

Types of Drywall

It might surprise you, but not all drywall is created equal. While standard drywall is the go-to option for most people, moisture-resistant or fire-resistant types also exist. These specialized types can be more expensive but might be worth it, depending on the room’s function.

Labor Costs

You’ll need to budget for the people who will be doing the work. Labor costs can vary, depending on the level of experience the team brings and the overall job size. Rates can fluctuate from project to project, so make sure to ask for quotes from more than one provider.

Size and Scope

The size of your project is another key determinant. The larger the area that needs drywall, the higher the costs for both materials and labor. However, if the project is relatively small, you might still have to meet a minimum cost threshold.

Location Matters

In certain areas, costs can be significantly higher due to local economic conditions. Skilled labor may be more costly, and even the materials could have additional markups. This is something to be aware of when setting your budget.

Hidden Costs

It’s wise to set aside a contingency fund for unexpected expenses. Sometimes, once the drywall is removed, you might discover issues that require immediate attention, such as insulation gaps or even mold. These unforeseen problems will add to your budget.

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