How to Drywall Over Plaster Walls

Drywall Service Tips

Ask any professional drywall contractor and they will tell you, that the fastest way to cover old, damaged, or cracked walls is to put drywall over them. Use 1/4-inch sheets, that will allow you to hide old imperfections without adding too much finishing work. However, before you decide to purchase drywall, let us first take a little closer look at a few of the circumstances where this is more beneficial than attempting to repair the existing walls.

Drywalling Over Damaged Plaster

If you are currently looking at cracked plaster, you could try to repair it. It is possible for amateur homeowners to repair cracks, however, if you want to achieve the seamless look that mirrors the original wall, you will probably need to hire a professional drywall service that specializes in plaster walls. One of the many reasons people opt to hang drywall over a damaged plaster wall is because the professionals that do this can be expensive. So if you want to preserve the integrity of your home, and have the budget to do this, then by all means get them redone, but if you are looking for a clean look that you can do yourself, hanging drywall could be a better solution.

Drywall Over Damaged Drywall

Another situation that could call for new drywall is when you have tried to remove wallpaper from the existing drywall. Did the face paper of the drywall come off with the wallpaper? Do you have brown spots that are flaking? While these can be skim coated and easily repaired, it is extremely hard to get them looking like new, so this is an ideal situation to consider re-hanging drywall. On larger projects that involve ceiling damage, we strongly suggest that you hire a professional sheetrock ceiling repair service.

Tips to Remember When Hanging Over Existing Walls

Once you have made the decision to re-hang, again, unless you are hiring a professional drywall repair service, you will need a few basic tools before starting your project.

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