Insights From Your Trusted Drywall Service Provider

What Are Common Trends in Drywall Installations?

Your goal is to have a seamless and well-pasted surface that will look good when the painting or paper goods have been added. Make sure that you have the finish-up to code with regard to any fire safety regulations. Drywall installation can be complicated because of the different types of materials and the different types of professionals that you could have working on your installation. Below are some of the common trends that you can expect to see when it comes to drywall service.

Extending the Length

When a contractor designs a room, they will often create an additional or private area that is a dead space. This could be to create a bathroom, change the flow of traffic, or even create an office. One of the biggest trends that you can expect to see is extending the length of walls or creating an additional room in a house. This trend will often result in a longer drywall joint or a slightly different method when it comes to finishing the wall.

Extending the Ceiling

Extending the ceiling has become a more popular trend when it comes to interior walls. Although it is possible to install drywall on an exterior wall, it is not recommended due to the elements and exposure to the sun. This trend can result in a ceiling that has open-cell spray foam insulation installed, as this will create a more insulated ceiling and prevent heat loss.

Using Hardwood Drywall

Hardwood drywall is a popular choice for interior walls, not only because it looks great, but also because it is a very attractive option for homeowners that want to work with drywall but don’t want to deal with the mess associated with mastic or drywall mud.

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