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Drywall: Which Climates Does It Work Best?

No matter how you put it, there are certain climate conditions where drywall thrives. Regardless of how well-constructed you want your home to be, you may need to check if your environment allows for drywall installation from the best drywall service in town. After all, you only want what’s best for your home.

The question is, is drywall ideal for all climates? Here is where we find out by asking the following questions:

Is it okay for dry, arid climates?

Using drywall in places where the climate is dry, almost like a desert, can actually entail a few problems, which is a bit ironic. For the most part, drywall can show a good amount of cracking over time in arid climates, and that’s why it’s better to go with stronger materials such as clay or concrete.

What about in tropical environments?

The humidity in the tropics can cause some problems too. For one thing, drywall could deteriorate over time, especially when exposed to both the heat and the rain. You can never really predict how the weather behaves in tropical areas, and your drywall may not be able to take a lot of pounding.

Drywall is best for temperate area

Drywall provides for a good amount of insulation, no matter the season. That’s why you see houses using drywall in most temperate countries, especially in the United States. Although drywall may seem flimsy to others, you’ll find that it’s simply the best choice.

Could there be exceptions to the rule?

There have been a lot of developments in manufacturing drywall. You actually have numerous out there for varying climates, as you’ll find out. Be sure to check with your drywall contractor for the best advice possible on which variation to use.

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