Sheetrock Ceiling Repair Tips When Dealing With Minor Holes

How to Fix Holes in a Ceiling  

Holes in the ceiling can be caused by various different things such as leaks, lighting or fixture installations, or just simple accidents. The following post, supplied by Cinto Drywall Service of Cary will teach you how to perform minor sheetrock ceiling repair.

Patch small to medium-sized holes using a mesh drywall patch, or make a square patch using a new piece of drywall to fill in bigger holes. Either way, you will need to cover the patch with at least 2 coats of spackling, sanding each one after each coat, then prime the patch with a water-based primer before you can paint over it. Soon enough, you will have a hole-free ceiling once again!

Use a utility knife and remove any loose debris around the edges of the hole. Carefully cut away any loose pieces of drywall and paper from the hole to neaten it up and get rid of any unsightly edges. Try to clean the hole enough so that a drywall repair patch can sit flush against the ceiling. However, please note, that this method only works for holes in drywall ceilings that are no more than 6 inches in diameter.

Remove the backing of the patch and place it over the hole. Peel the protective backing off of the adhesive of the drywall patch. Center this over the hole, then press firmly against the ceiling around all the sides to make sure it has adhered.

Sand the patch using 120-grit sandpaper to smooth it out. Put a piece of this on a sanding block or you can sand it manually. Sand the entire patch down until it is even and smooth. Sand very lightly around the edges where the patch has overlapped with the surrounding ceiling as to blend the spackle in with the rest.

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