Sheetrock Ceiling Repair Tips

It Is Possible to Hang Drywall Backwards?  

Drywall is a building material that is often used to cover interiors. Drywall installers must take care to install these boards correctly, and if they deviate from the recommended practices, they could make the finisher’s job a great deal more difficult. For example, hanging drywall backwards can add a significant amount of labor for finishers. Whenever possible, you must install drywall according to the manufacturer’s specifications, especially on ceilings, where sheetrock ceiling repair is more strenuous for the obvious reasons.


Drywall has a paper outer layer that is specifically designed to create a uniform and smooth surface. So if you hang it backwards, the rougher backing material will be seen after it has been painted. Also, sheetrock has beveled edges that make it easy when installing. The finishers will embed drywall tape along this seams, so installing it within the bevel will allow the taped seam to sit flush.


If you hang the sheetrock backwards, the beveled edges face the interior of the wall or ceiling, this make the finishing process difficult because the taped seams form ridge instead of resting within the depression. Finishers will need to repair this by coating each side with joint compound, this is just a waste of time and materials.


The most effective way is to hang drywall so the right side faces outwards. Basically, the side with brown paper backing must face the wood framing, and the gray and beveled side must face outwards. If you use this method, the finishing process is easier.


Times may arise when a drywaller may need to hang drywall backwards in order to save money. For example, if a scrap piece fills a spot, some drywall installers will install it even if it has to go backwards.

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