Signs to Watch Out for When You Need a Drywall Repair Service

It’s Time to Get Your Drywall Fixed

Drywall has become the preferred choice for homeowners when it comes to building walls. This is because it is both affordable, easy to install, and durable. However, because it is a minor, structural component that is exposed to the elements, it will eventually suffer the same fate as any other wall. A common problem seen with drywall is water damage. As water seeps into the joints of the drywall, it will eventually result in the paper becoming loose, causing it to fall apart. In some cases, this damage is not only visible but will be heard as well. To address this problem, a professional drywall repair service will need to be contacted. Here are some significant signs that your drywall needs repair.


Cracks in the drywall are one of the most common drywall problems. They are typically seen on the ceilings, where water has dripped from the roof. It will eventually expand, resulting in cracks in your drywall. In many cases, cracks will appear on one side of your walls. This is because water will seep in from the seams between the panels.


Dents in your drywall are another common problem. They are usually seen on the walls; however, several household items can result in dents in the drywall. A dictionary can often result in a dent in your drywall if it has been slung open, as can a lamp. If you have something heavy sitting on your wall, it will often leave a dent.

Water Leaks

Water will leak into your drywall if there is a hole in your roof, the seal has become loose between the roof and the drywall, or the seams between the drywall panels are faulty. The leaks will often appear on the ceiling, and they will often appear in several spots. To repair this type of damage, either the entire ceiling or walls will need to be replaced.

If any of these issues are present, make sure to call professionals in Cary, NC right away. A professional drywall repair service like Cinto Drywall Service of Cary can help you with your drywall issues. Call us at (919) 568-1407 to know more.