Textured Sheetrock Ceiling Repair Tips

How to Repair a Textured Ceiling  

How to mask ceiling stains

First, not all water damage needs the removal of patching the ceiling. Some damage is just water stains, so if the ceiling texture is not chipping, falling, or molding, then sheetrock ceiling repair is not needed. In those cases, using an aerosol sealer can hide discolorations and stains such as smoke, water stains, and cooking oil.

After the sealer dries, you can paint the area using everyday ceiling paint. However, the chances are you will need to paint the entire ceiling, as it is impossible to match the previous color.

Ceiling texture types

Repairing a hole or damage on a textured ceiling will hinge on your ceiling texture type. Types include:

  • Knockdown

  • Orange peel

  • Crow’s foot

  • Popcorn

The single hardest part of this job is determining which of the aforementioned ceiling texture types that you have.

Wet the ceiling with a texture brush

With the exception of both the orange peel and popcorn ceilings, all the other textures will use a joint compound and corresponding brush to create the pattern. When dealing with brush textures, you will need to soak the brush in some warm water for around 1 hour, or even better, overnight. This will soften the bristles in order to create the right texture for your ceiling.

Preparing the surface

Remove any loose ceiling texture from your old ceiling and repair any holes visible. Try using a putty knife, as this will make it come off easier.

Applying your joint compound

This technique will vary slightly with the texture that you are trying to match, but the following are the basics.

Test out your pattern until you get the right texture. Once your ready, start spreading it on with a putty knife across the area you want to patch. Try to blend in the edges with the pre-existing texture. You are not trying to create texture, just to get it up on the ceiling. Don’t be shy with it either, apply it roughly the same thickness as the existing texture.

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