Tips From a Professional Drywall Repair Service Provider

Effective Ways to Perform Repairs for Your Drywall’s Popcorn Textures

Drywall is a very popular material in home construction. It’s lightweight, easy to install, and affordable. The downside? Drywall has a tendency to get damaged over time. When this happens, it can be difficult for DIYers with limited experience or tools to fix the problem themselves. Luckily there are some simple steps you can take to keep your walls looking great! Here are some effective popcorn texture repair tips from a professional drywall repair service provider:

Cure Slowly

One of the most common problems with popcorn drywall textures is that they cause bubbles in the wall. These bubbles can be caused by a number of factors, but one common culprit is a lack of moisture. If you’re not curing your popcorn textures slowly enough, you may find yourself with large bubbles in your walls and ceilings!

Make Sure the Texture is Clean, Dry, and Moistened

To get rid of any dust or debris on your wall surface that could cause a popcorn texture, use a vacuum. If it’s not possible to clean right away, make sure to wipe down with soap and water after each piece of work so that there isn’t a buildup of grime in between coats.

Use a High-Quality Surfacing Adhesive

When you’re trying to repair popcorn textures, the first thing that you need to do is use a high-quality surfacing adhesive. This will allow your drywall to stick properly and make sure that it stays in place as well. A quality adhesive designed for popcorn textures should be used because there are many types of these materials available on the market today, but only one type is designed specifically for drywall like yours.

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