When to Call Your Drywall Contractor

What Usually Causes Drywall Damage

Is the interior of your home made up of mostly drywall? Read this. It’s essential that you’ll take notice of its condition from time to time. Being aware of the first warning signs of damage in your drywall can save you time and money from pricey drywall repairs in the future. As a reputable drywall contractor, we’ve worked with different drywall issues before. Here, we share the usual causes of drywall damage:

First, Water Damage

Among the most common causes of drywall problems is water damage. It’s from leaks in your plumbing or ceiling. So if there have been dark water spots with a damp smell on your floor, it’s an indication of water damage and underlying problem in your drywall. Call for a drywall repair service right away so that immediate action will be taken. Drywall experts have the tools and expertise to give accurate findings and provide proper repair.

Holes from Decors

Have you taken down picture frames and other decors on your drywall? Noticed the holes in your drywall getting bigger? Whatever causes these holes and no matter their size, it can severely damage your drywall if you fail to take action immediately. A simple drywall fix may work for small holes you get in taking down a painting or picture frame on your wall. But for larger holes, it is best and practical to just replace them completely.

Lastly, Termites

Termites, among other pests, are a great risk to any home. Although termites might not harm people, you must ensure to get rid of them immediately to protect your property. Have you noticed a hollow sound every time you knock on the wall? It’s a sign of termite presence in your drywall. You must schedule a drywall service right away. Repairs can be made by cutting and replacing the infested area.

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